Govern, decide and rectify

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You can only act by thinking and you can only think by acting. This phrase from a book by Marina Garcés, right on the first pages, left my brain stuck for a long time. Thought and action transform and push each other, the Marina then clarifies. This is called “putting on the body”, as a synthesis that articulates this balance of action and reflection, plus a good dose of commitment. I find it brilliant because it is simple and profound at the same time. A master formula that we can apply in all areas of life.

The North American entrepreneurial culture boasts, excessively, of the fact of being wrong over and over again; to learn from error; to fall and get back up; from failing many times until arriving at the formula for success. It is not about applying the trial and error method (useful in science when there is very little knowledge about the problem to be solved) without a path, since in the professional sphere it can lead you to chain punches until you are completely collapsed.

But what does usually work is proposing solutions based on a good level of analysis and prior knowledge, putting them into practice and making adjustments and changes based on the observation of what is going well and what is not. An adapted blend of the scientific method and the method of successive approximations (and may scientists and mathematicians forgive me for the frivolity). Perhaps Rajoy would call that “hey! common sense”.

I think that governments and public administrations should also apply this method. This common sense. Rely much more on experimentation without fear of making mistakes and correcting. I perceive in the governments around us a fear of making decisions, that is, of GOVERNING, which paralyzes them. Fear of media repercussions, social networks, polls and the organizational structures of political parties.

I perceive in the governments around us a fear of making decisions, that is, of governing, which paralyzes them

The defense of Catalan at school, the expansion of the airport, the candidacy for the Winter Olympics or, and this one is devastating, a model for energy transformation are clear examples. Nor do we have decisions, analyzed and shared but courageous, about the future of our country’s economy: the competitiveness and reindustrialization plans seem more like letters to the Three Wise Men that serve to articulate a certain discourse and not upset anyone.

Surprisingly, Barcelona’s candidacy for hosting the America’s Sailing Cup has not been subject to any citizen participation process or referendum, but it will not be long before opposing or offended groups come out and the political opposition of the day, which will find some reason to strongly oppose. Spoiler: public-private collaboration, an elitist sport (not to say posh), more tourism…

In Badalona we have been waiting for the comic museum for more than twelve years. It even has a Wikipedia entry. And almost twenty years ago the City Council acquired Torre Codina, a spectacular 14th-century farmhouse located in the Canyet neighbourhood, which is assigned as the home of an agent of the Guardia Urbana, to guard it while it is decided what public use it should be given. Twenty years thinking. Makes laugh.

Recently, the municipal government of Badalona has decided to sell the old fish market at public auction, another building closed for more than twelve years and in an advanced state of destruction. Finally a decision, I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but A DECISION!

I am in favor of citizen participation, shared decisions, transparency, inclusion and improving democracy, after all. But not at the expense of immobility and losing opportunities for progress that our children will pay for.

I am in favor of governments that make decisions, monitor them and rectify them. Without fear.

Martí Casamajó, member of the Restarting Badalona association