Restarting Badalona association manifesto

Restarting Badalona Manifesto for Innovation constitutes the commitment of all those interested in promoting innovation and making Badalona a Knowledge Campus in an inclusive and sustainable environment.

Restarting Badalona proposes to work in favor of this model based on six objectives:

Build a robust and interconnected innovation ecosystem that transforms Badalona's post-industrial zones into districts of innovation and the knowledge economy. This change must be made jointly with civil society, companies, research and education centers, with a shared, inclusive and transformative integrated approach.

Catalyze knowledge and projects in the Health sector as an engine for the transformation and positioning of the city. This will allow Badalona to be positioned as an international benchmark in research and health solutions with social impact and home to cutting-edge international initiatives in biotechnology, medical robotics, implantology, Industrial Internet of Things, Internet of Things and medical devices, among others.

Create an adapted and coherent active and participatory learning ecosystem with a dynamic and constantly changing environment that ensures employability, opportunities and social cohesion. The creation of links between the educational and productive sectors will allow developing knowledge and innovation and reinforcing STEM vocations (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as well as soft skills (solving complex problems, critical thinking, creativity oriented to innovation, …) at all educational levels, and especially in the higher education system: higher professional training and university training.

Transform the urban fabric to add value to underused spaces in the city. Proposals will be made to put them at the service of the ecosystem of knowledge, innovation, training and entrepreneurship with special attention to the fields of biomedicine, nutrition and medical devices. Specifically, the aim is to stimulate debate and ideas for the integration of the Can Ruti Campus in the urban fabric of Badalona and to open up possibilities around the architectural heritage buildings of Badalona: CACI, Sector de las Tres Chimeneas and Nave de Turbinas ( Sant Adrià and Badalona), or the Ca l'Arnús Park.

Transform the mobility and connectivity of the city with the Zero Emissions objective. In this way, it will contribute to creating sustainable mobility that interconnects strategic points of the city - areas of economic, commercial and residential activity - and that facilitates the arrival of talent and investment. A mobility that connects Badalona with the Metropolitan Area, Barcelonès Nord and Maresme. Likewise, shared and sustainable mobility solutions will be sought.

Create an ecosystem of innovation interconnected and aligned with work trends in health and wellness. For this, the collaborations between all the agents of the city are catalyzed on the basis of the quadruple helix model: Universities, Research Centers, and Hospitals (Research and Training in Health and Biomedicine), Companies (Innovation), Administrations (City Council, Provincial Council ), Participatory Society (patient associations, associations and neighbors and creative and artistic entities). The objective is to reinforce the axes of work that prioritize the quality of life of people, with a particular focus on older people, their health, food and leisure spaces. Finally, it will generate a greater appreciation of how the creative industry can be a source of uniqueness for the Badalona R&D ecosystem.