"From the Badalona with the greatest industrial diversity of the 20th century
to the Badalona with the greatest entrepreneurial diversity of the 21st century"


Restarting Badalona is a private non-profit association, open to the whole of the local and international innovative ecosystem. It is a project to make us present in the future, taking advantage of all our potential: The Campus of Excellence in Health of Can Ruti, our students, our companies and businessmen, and that of the industrial and equipment spaces that have either been left behind, or they still do not have a definite use. We want to generate actions with a social impact  that adds value to Badalona.

Make possible a cohesive, tractor-driven city that complements the initiatives that take place in the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area as a whole..

Restarting Badalona is a meeting point for all those people, entities, companies, that want to participate and to add in making Badalona an innovative territory that, as in past times, takes us towards the Knowledge Society.



Badalona is today a benchmark of the European bioregion network and in order to consolidate this situation, it needs to continue developing and integrating with the urban and industrial core of the city. To retain and to capture all those people with entrepreneurial spirit of the city and from outside providing the best environment to start their projects and consolidate them.


To promote translational research in the field of health, to promote the digital transformation of organizations through innovation in processes and technology in the different sectors existing in the city. To be a reference in social innovation generating new ideas, models, and services to meet the changing needs of the society of the future.


To promote training in contact with professional world. To bringand share success stories, experts, teachers through the organization of conferences and training platforms. Badalona needs a better training offer for upper and middle cycles and more training offers for a higher degree which can make a university commitment linked to the field of health.


Restarting Badalona is formed by a cross-sectional and multidisciplinary group of people from Badalona or involved with the city. A team with the priority of deploying a local strategy that allows us to add supra-municipal complicities, in all areas, to build a facilitating context to continue moving towards the Knowledge Society.


Reinventing Paris

A call to urban innovation projects from the best in the world to reinvent the French capital.

Health Innovation Manchester

Innovation project in the health field to discover, develop and apply new solutions that improve the well-being of the Manchester metropolitan area.

Besòs Plan

The Besòs Plan was intended to propose a set of infrastructure and endowment actions shared by the Besòs municipalities. The Plan integrated several projects already planned, giving territorial coherence, and at the same time proposing new ones with the objective of transforming the river into an urban axis to vertebrate the territory.

Barcelona Global

Barcelona Global is a private, independent and non-profit association, formed by 216 of the city's leading companies, research centers, entrepreneurs, business schools, universities and cultural institutions, and more than 760 professionals who want to make Barcelona one of the best cities in the world for talent and economic activity.

Open Valley

A network that offers inspirational coworking spaces for entrepreneurs, startups and entrepreneurial initiatives weaving a network of cooperation and partnerships through networking, mentoring and the provision of assistance with business development.

Fundació Creativació

The Foundation that aims to raise awareness, to promote and to collaborate with educational centers and families to educate the creativity and talent of children and youth.




We identify opportunity projects to be located in the city in the fields of innovation, technology, and training.



We identify initiatives to draw the city we want to be: cohesive, connected, center and capital for Barcelona.



We promote an international agenda among the institutions that position Badalona globally as a metropolitan city of reference.


Mobile Week Catalunya

Badalona presents candidacy to be part of Mobile Week Catalunya 2021

The Badalona City Council and the Restarting Badalona association propose a program of activities for the month of February with the title of “Technology for good”


Prosperity is not given away, it works. Badalona's opportunities after COVID

E Diari de Badalona has published an opinion article in its no. 699 where the Restarting Badalona Association talks about the opportunities that are presented in the city at the present time.

Restarting Badalona Manifesto

Restarting Badalona Association Manifesto

Restarting Badalona Manifesto for Innovation constitutes the commitment of all those interested in promoting innovation and making Badalona a Knowledge Campus in an inclusive and sustainable environment.


Covid 19 #joemquedoacasa

Restarting Badalona offers itself to the city to work on finding solutions to the situation created by Covid-19

Coronavirus. Word of the year. Probably word of the decade. Although we still do not believe how it is possible that something so apparently small has caused and is causing so much pain. So much terror. When we had not yet recovered from the recession caused by the fall of the subprime with Lehman Brothers, we found a brutal “butterfly effect” that threatens the world economy and that, in any case, puts us in the mirror....

Covid 19

The crisis of the Covid 19, an opportunity to accelerate the development of an innovative ecosystem in Badalona

In this section you will find various information on the latest news regarding Covid 19. A selection of articles of interest, links to Internet addresses for information on the virus and news of research and innovation in our city to overcome the pandemic.



Associació Restarting Badalona

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