Badalona, a benchmark city in innovation in health, well-being and active and healthy aging.

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Badalona has been recognized with the European Commission’s award as a reference city for innovation in active and healthy aging, with the highest possible rating (four stars). This recognition is the result of the third call of the European Association for Innovation in Active and Healthy Aging program (EIP on AHA) European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing).

An ecosystem of more than 30 agents

The candidature of the city has been promoted from Badalona Serveis Assistenciales (BSA), the municipal health organization that is part of the ecosystem formed by more than 30 agents and associations that make the municipality deserving of this award. This ecosystem includes actors from these fields:

  • Public sector: Badalona City Council, Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital, Primary Care Catalan Health Institute, Municipal Institute of Personal Services, Municipal Institute for the Promotion of Employment, Guttmann and Badalona Health Services Institute.
  • Business sector: Open Evidence, TUSGSAL, Ipsilon Consulting, Costaisa Group, IN2, Pharmacy Bernat, Àngels Empresa Employment Insertion and beHIT.
  • Academic and research sector: EURECAT, Open University of Catalonia, School of Art and Design Pau Gargallo, Research Institute for Health Sciences Germans Tries i Pujol.
  • Third sector: Casal Gent Gran Can Canyadó, Casal Gent Gran Can Mercader, Casal Gent Gran Nova Lloreda, Casal Gent Gran Pep Ventura, Casal Gent Gran Pomar, Casal Gent Elder Antònia Boada, Casal Elderly Congress, AFABSS (Alzheimer Association), Friends of the People Great of Badalona, Association of Neighbors of the Center, Association of Neighbors of Dalt la Vila and Coll i Pujol, Foundation La Pedrera, Foundation Legacy Roca i Pi.