By 2030, the quantum computing market is projected to reach $ 65 billion, from the $ 500 million it just reached in 2019. According to a CIR estimate, quantum computing revenues are set at $ 8 billion in 2027 alone. China launched the first quantum satellite in 2016. The United States, Germany, Russia, India, and

With the vaccination process against Covid-19 already on track, it is time to firmly confront the greatest threat we have as a society, which is none other than the climate emergency. As with Covidien-19, there is no single measure against the climate emergency, but there are several actions that can be taken to combat it.

The League of Green Cities

In 2017, the Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia delivered to the City Council of Badalona a work called Urban Sustainability Atlas, which can be consulted online. Our city commissioned this document in order to study environmental aspects of the municipality related to the quality of its urban green, the thermal efficiency of its roofs,