What good is it – I read it in a report by Andy Robinson in La Vanguardia – that in 20 years renewable energies have been installed that could supply a territory like Russia if in the same period we have increased – due to population growth and world GDP – six times more energy

Time to buy time

One hundred and two years ago, industrialization, workers’ demands and the Canadian strike allowed us to go from working 72 hours or more to the 40-hour week as we now conceive it. Since then, in 1919, the number of technological tools at our fingertips has multiplied. From means of transport on the internet and computers,

Badalona, ​​November 2, 2021.- The Restarting Badalona association has organized today a conference to promote the debate on industry and energy sustainability. Under the title “Renewing the industry to renew the planet”, the session had the participation of the author of the book “Economics in climate change”, Joan Vila, and the members of the association,