Locate the Global Agendas in Badalona

In a previous article we talked about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) and the Urban Agenda. We discussed how its location in Badalona can help to draw up sustainable local development policies that allow us to get out of the crisis and guide the future of the city towards responsible growth. Today

History is a sum of changing times where the lever of innovation has conditioned the outcome of societies. Our city has lived like all the outcome of these innovations, and in order not to go too far back, I want to expressly mention Badalona, ​​which took advantage of the innovation of the historical moment to

Medical Devices

Sometimes it seems that medical devices are the little brother of biosanitary research. In the media we often see news of new therapies and, now more than ever, new vaccines to prevent selected of the diseases that concern us most.

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Covid 19 #joemquedoacasa

Letter from Mr. Ferran Falcó Appreciated, Coronavirus. Word of the year. Probably word of the decade. Although we still do not believe how it is possible that something so apparently small has caused and is causing so much pain. So much terror. When we had not yet recovered from the recession caused by the fall