Guillem Franquesa, Project Manager of Tandem Projects and member of Restarting Badalona was invited on November 21 to the day “Badalona Emprèn amb Joves”, organized by the City Council of Badalona at the Badalona International Business Center (BCIN). As a young company from Badalona, Tandem Projects gave the opening speech: “Entrepreneurship every day: Creating 360º

Last November 21, 2019, took place in an emblematic building of the city “LA CACI”, the citizen debate within the participatory process of the Metropolitan Urban Master Plan. The Mayor of Badalona opened the exhibition “Metròpolis de ciutats” and Messrs. Jodra Sánchez, Vice President of the Urban Policy Development Area of the AMB, José M.

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The Hospital Germans Trias has made a commitment to open innovation in recent months. Within the strategy, one of the first steps has been to open the doors of their hospital in Badalona to secpho members to come and explain how these technologies can help healthcare professionals. The Hospital Germans Trias, member of the Open