Covid 19 #joemquedoacasa

Letter from Mr. Ferran Falcó Appreciated, Coronavirus. Word of the year. Probably word of the decade. Although we still do not believe how it is possible that something so apparently small has caused and is causing so much pain. So much terror. When we had not yet recovered from the recession caused by the fall

Covid 19

In this section you will find various information on the latest news regarding Covid 19. A selection of articles of interest, links to Internet addresses for information on the virus and news of research and innovation in our city to overcome the pandemic. Articles on the Covid 19 24-03-2020 The 7 Best COVID-19 Resources We’ve

Restarting Badalona invited to Tres60 program

The association exposes its willingness to work for the city contributing its experience, knowledge and network to make Badalona a Campus of knowledge. The journalist Toni Formesa has led the conversation with Sonia Oliveras and Paul Fenton, members of the association, to publicize the motivations of the people who are part of it, what are