Do we progress or regress? Humans have demonstrated many times that we are capable of continuing to find new ways to create economic value and thus continue to progress as a society. You only have to read a little Steven Pinker to understand that “in the last seven decades, humans have achieved a longer, healthier,

Re-exploring the notes of one of the Restarting workshops almost a year ago, before Covidien, when we met at the facilities of the Fundación Épica here in Badalona, ​​I am struck by the relevance of what was discussed, particularly with respect to Can Ruti, with a broader view of Badalona’s potential to contribute to the

There is no doubt that we need young citizens to work towards a solid way out of the current crisis. We place our hopes on future generations to solve problems that we cannot address or solve now, to improve the status quo, to one day sustain our pensions. Despite the importance that we recognize, youth

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