Amb motiu de la recent designació de Badalona com a seu de la Copa del Rei de Bàsquet 2023 Restarting Badalona promou el debat sobre oportunitats i reptes que suposen per a una ciutat acollir esdeveniments multitudinaris Els exemples de Barcelona que celebrarà la Copa Amèrica de Vela, del Mobile World Congress i de Fira

Badalona is Cup!

In February 2023 Badalona will host a top-level sporting event. The top 8 teams in the ACB basketball league, accompanied by their respective fans, will play a four-day playoff game that will end with a Cup champion. Those of us who have had the good fortune and privilege to experience one can be sure that

With intent to offend

“It is part of a good education to know when it is necessary to be rude.” Joan Fuster says so in her recently reissued book of Advice, proverbs and insolence. Aphorisms, at least the good ones, are not more or less funny occurrences like a tweet. They are, according to Jordi Muñoz in the prologue