Teleworking efficiently

“Teleworking”. A word that this 2020 has become fashionable and that perhaps, shortly before, was the dream of some, or many, employees and a nightmare surely for many company directors. We, individual members of Restarting Badalona, ​​are a small translation company, created by two Italians, and this definition includes two of the main reasons why

Ana Miguel Moral, a member of the Restarting Badalona association, has participated in the TRES60 program where she summarized the day of last January 8 organized by Restarting Badalona with the support of Reactivación Badalona, ​​the Badalona City Council and the Barcelona Provincial Council with the title: “Urbanism, Innovation, Badalona and Highway“. Ana Miguel, explained

C-31 Badalona

A PCR for C-31

One of the main values ​​that urban planners attribute to well-structured cities is the articulating capacity of the different systems that structure them, such as roads, public spaces or facilities. They are fundamental elements that provide service and link their different neighborhoods or economic areas. In Badalona, ​​the C-31 has always been read as a

Movilitat i tecnologia

We are living in turbulent times where the mobility of people has become a central topic of debate for different reasons, from the pandemic to the climate emergency. However, mobility has been undergoing a transformation at many levels for at least a decade, in which technology and the new business models it generates play a