Digitization or digitization.

Digital transformation has come to be part of our life. 5 years ago no one would have imagined the importance of this technological revolution, but the truth is that today it has become present in every daily thing we do, from a purchase, to a procedure or a family or work meeting. This new reality,

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BDN host MWC

Badalona has been chosen among the 18 cities throughout Catalonia that will organize activities of the Mobile Week Catalonia Program to bring technology closer to citizens. Last July, the Badalona City Council and Associació Restarting Badalona published a press release informing about the presentation of a preliminary program of activities under the title “Technology for

Movilitat i tecnologia

We are living in turbulent times where the mobility of people has become a central topic of debate for different reasons, from the pandemic to the climate emergency. However, mobility has been undergoing a transformation at many levels for at least a decade, in which technology and the new business models it generates play a

Medical Devices

Sometimes it seems that medical devices are the little brother of biosanitary research. In the media we often see news of new therapies and, now more than ever, new vaccines to prevent selected of the diseases that concern us most.

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Primer Aniversari Restarting Badalona

One year after the start-up, Restarting Badalona has established itself as a transversal space and reference in the City around innovation One year after the start-up, Restarting Badalona has established itself as a transversal space and reference in the City around innovation. Badalona, ​​October 10, 2020.- Restarting Badalona, ​​the Association that brings together experts in


The time of the CACI

The industrial building of the Auxiliary Company of Commerce and Industry, known as “the CACI”, is the one that touches the Port and is on the seafront, between the beach and the train track. In the city there has been a lot of talk about what to do with it. Some projects and “photos” have

Mobile Week Catalunya

The Badalona City Council and the Restarting Badalona association propose a program of activities for the month of February with the title of “Technology for good” The Badalona City Council, in collaboration with Restarting Badalona association, is applying to participate in the Mobile Week Catalonia 2021, an initiative of the Mobile World Capital and Generalitat

Restarting Badalona Manifesto

Restarting Badalona Manifesto for Innovation constitutes the commitment of all those interested in promoting innovation and making Badalona a Knowledge Campus in an inclusive and sustainable environment. Restarting Badalona proposes to work in favor of this model based on six objectives: Build a robust and interconnected innovation ecosystem that transforms Badalona’s post-industrial zones into districts


On such a marked day Restarting wants to share about fifty titles that talk about innovation. Among the proposals you will find news and essential titles published in recent years. Good reading!!! Barcelona Startup: historia del mayor ecosistema tecnológico y digital del Sur de Europa, by Mar Galtés Camps Creatividad e innovación exponencial, by Paco

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Covid 19 #joemquedoacasa

Letter from Mr. Ferran Falcó Appreciated, Coronavirus. Word of the year. Probably word of the decade. Although we still do not believe how it is possible that something so apparently small has caused and is causing so much pain. So much terror. When we had not yet recovered from the recession caused by the fall