Re-exploring the notes of one of the Restarting workshops almost a year ago, before Covidien, when we met at the facilities of the Fundación Épica here in Badalona, ​​I am struck by the relevance of what was discussed, particularly with respect to Can Ruti, with a broader view of Badalona’s potential to contribute to the

There is no doubt that we need young citizens to work towards a solid way out of the current crisis. We place our hopes on future generations to solve problems that we cannot address or solve now, to improve the status quo, to one day sustain our pensions. Despite the importance that we recognize, youth

You can now retrieve sessions: First session: “Urban transformation“ Second session: “Economic transformation“ Third session: “University and research“

Locate the Global Agendas in Badalona

In a previous article we talked about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030) and the Urban Agenda. We discussed how its location in Badalona can help to draw up sustainable local development policies that allow us to get out of the crisis and guide the future of the city towards responsible growth. Today

Badalona’s global responsibility

Like the rest of European cities and the world, Badalona faces ecological, socioeconomic, health and cultural challenges, which cross borders and have a direct impact on citizens. These are challenges that will shape our future and that can only be tackled globally. The most recent and abrupt, due to the speed and severity of its

Ode to the city

It is undeniable, states have monopolized the political arena and international relations for centuries. They are the highest and most powerful hierarchically organized territorial unit on the political scale. The states have a representative seat in the United Nations, they guard a central bank, they have the strength of an army and the power to

Teleworking efficiently

“Teleworking”. A word that this 2020 has become fashionable and that perhaps, shortly before, was the dream of some, or many, employees and a nightmare surely for many company directors. We, individual members of Restarting Badalona, ​​are a small translation company, created by two Italians, and this definition includes two of the main reasons why

Ana Miguel Moral, a member of the Restarting Badalona association, has participated in the TRES60 program where she summarized the day of last January 8 organized by Restarting Badalona with the support of Reactivación Badalona, ​​the Badalona City Council and the Barcelona Provincial Council with the title: “Urbanism, Innovation, Badalona and Highway“. Ana Miguel, explained

History is a sum of changing times where the lever of innovation has conditioned the outcome of societies. Our city has lived like all the outcome of these innovations, and in order not to go too far back, I want to expressly mention Badalona, ​​which took advantage of the innovation of the historical moment to

The association Restarting Badalona promotes the event ‘Urbanism, innovation, Badalona and highway’ on January 8 at 17h Ramon Gras, researcher in Urbanism and Innovation at Harvard, will take part in the conference The association Restarting Badalona begins its activity in 2021 in an event with the support of Reactivació Badalona SA, Badalona City Council and