In the current economic and social context where the problem of access to housing is evident, especially in the metropolitan area, the association brings together four representatives of the public and private world at the same table to promote a constructive debate on the issue. Since the end of 2019, the Restarting Badalona association has

Writing an article about this essential resource and inadvertently – which I don’t want to – criticize the policy will not be easy. I will try to do so, above all, because I come from politics, and I am sure, convinced, that those who govern water today do not want to have to cut it

Eight billion

In 1987, the Generalitat launched the campaign We are 6 million, which in one of the advertisements said “… and to govern ourselves and help us progress we all have the Generalitat”. No one will campaign We are eight billion. Who should do it? The UN, what is it that tells us? On November 15,

A bad day

Faced with my existential sadness without serious and objective problems, my psychologist made it very clear to me that we all have the right to be unwell, to have a bad time and even to complain without feeling ashamed because others do have real problems. Next, it is necessary to get to work to identify

Writing about the reasons why the sewers spill into the sea when it rains in Badalona is like writing about going back to school, going back to work after the holidays, metro pickpockets or airport strikes. I mean that it is a classic, recurrent, and to a certain extent a tired and useless exercise that

Badalona in ‘ON’ mode

In Badalona things can happen. The City Council has decided to sell a building –“El Peix”– that has no use to see if it can obtain 1.7 M€ and a private person can do something that the city may need. On the one hand, the news is positive. They have made a decision and have

There are several success factors in SMEs and family businesses. They are business organizations that generate employment, but they face the generational change as one of their main challenges. Currently, they create 67% of private employment, with a total of more than 6.58 million jobs, being responsible for 57.1% of the national GDP of the

Homo Culinaris

There are two types of people in the world: those who cook and those who don’t. Which one are you from? Among those who cook there are very militant, those who have learned and usually have a good handful of recipes that they dominate and enjoy inviting friends to the table. In the group of

Superblocks Badalona

Supermanzana means the conversion of an urban space where the private vehicle predominated to a space where the pedestrian predominates. It is a natural evolution of what in the 80s and 90s were the first pedestrianizations of the historic centers of many cities in the country. In the same way that at that time the

In defense of the algorithm

Todo juicio justo necesita un abogado defensor para el acusado, pero hay acusados de según qué delitos que les cuesta dios y ayuda a encontrar un abogado que los defienda. Creo que antes de ir a la universidad nunca había oído la palabra algoritmo. Ahora la oigo todos los días a todo tipo de conversaciones