The city of cities we need

You, like me, are citizens of the big city. From metropolitan Barcelona. From any of the cities that crown it. You, like me, know the problems we have in our cities. Problems that derive from the differences between our neighborhoods, from the differences between our income levels. The debate on the (outdated) instrument of the

Digital Transformation…?

Another article on the great (and perhaps the last) opportunity that the Next Generation EU recovery funds represent? I dare not say anything new. But surely it has been established that one of the fundamental pillars of these funds is digital transformation. All the plans that the member countries must make must meet these conditions

By 2030, the quantum computing market is projected to reach $ 65 billion, from the $ 500 million it just reached in 2019. According to a CIR estimate, quantum computing revenues are set at $ 8 billion in 2027 alone. China launched the first quantum satellite in 2016. The United States, Germany, Russia, India, and

With the vaccination process against Covid-19 already on track, it is time to firmly confront the greatest threat we have as a society, which is none other than the climate emergency. As with Covidien-19, there is no single measure against the climate emergency, but there are several actions that can be taken to combat it.

The League of Green Cities

In 2017, the Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia delivered to the City Council of Badalona a work called Urban Sustainability Atlas, which can be consulted online. Our city commissioned this document in order to study environmental aspects of the municipality related to the quality of its urban green, the thermal efficiency of its roofs,

On such a marked day Restarting wants to share about fifty titles that talk about innovation. Good reading!!! The Invincible Company: How to Constantly Reinvent Your Organization with Inspiration From the World’s Best Business Models by Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Alan Smith, Frederic Etiemble Innocities. Urbanismo, Economía, Tecnología y Cambio Social by Miquel Barceló Ciencia, tecnología y startups

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Sport is also economy

That same month we learned about the agreement signed between the Generalitat and Barcelona Sportstech HUB23 with the aim of jointly promoting a ‘hub’ of sports technologies. Catalonia already has today one of the largest concentrations of companies linked to the sports industry in Europe. In addition, Barcelona is the third city on the continent

Badalona 2050

I live in that land of equipment that was never developed until we let some houses shared by older people, facing the sea, near the Anís del Mono. This walk is magnificent, the beach endures and those inflatable breakwaters [1] that they put a few meters from the sand, which swell or deflate depending on

Do we progress or regress? Humans have demonstrated many times that we are capable of continuing to find new ways to create economic value and thus continue to progress as a society. You only have to read a little Steven Pinker to understand that “in the last seven decades, humans have achieved a longer, healthier,

Re-exploring the notes of one of the Restarting workshops almost a year ago, before Covidien, when we met at the facilities of the Fundación Épica here in Badalona, ​​I am struck by the relevance of what was discussed, particularly with respect to Can Ruti, with a broader view of Badalona’s potential to contribute to the