Let us ask ourselves

Let’s ask ourselves, for example, if subsidizing rent and explaining that this will emancipate young people is true. Let us ask ourselves if there can be emancipation without good wages. No. And there are no good salaries without good companies. And there are no good companies without policies in favor of their implementation, expansion or

Who has a roof has a treasure

We have already accumulated several weeks exceeding the electricity price record due to the rise in the price of gas worldwide and that the price of electricity is set by the most expensive technologies (that is, gas). This dramatic reality, which is causing temporary closures of companies and which will make many people suffer to

The secret life of polygons

For weeks I have been having a work conversation in a cafeteria in Badalona. A man asked the woman with whom he shared the cafe where they had their offices and she replied that they were in Las Guixeres. “Ah, oysters, in an industrial estate is it?”, He snapped compassionately. The woman justified the positive

School and business

Eight in the morning in the classroom of 1 public institute in Barcelona between Nou Barris and Sant Andreu. 24 first year high school students. A few, FEW, still half asleep, decide to extend their daze from last night a little longer. Most have a certain expectation and relaxation by Dyeing a “non-teacher” to the

Scooters not to suffer

I confess that I do not know how to go. I would even say that I don’t dare to take them. But I also have to tell you that the problem I have with scooters is not their fault, but mine. Maybe because of my age I don’t see myself on top. I just don’t

Young values

What do Raphael and the owner of a retail chain and franchise number 1 in Europe have to do with it? And what do the attitudes and actions of both have to do with youth employability and that of people who are already over fifty? I ask myself these questions based on the experience of

The Mobile Week Badalona closes its first edition with the participation of nearly 2000 people. During three days the event has offered free various lectures, workshops and round tables, in face-to-face and online format, around the field of health, sports and mobility. The program of activities has been the result of the collaboration between the

The triangle of success

This week Badalona has been present at the most important event held in Barcelona. The Mobile World Congress has returned to the capital and the foundation that bears its name has gone ahead, together with 18 cities in Catalonia, an alternative program of activities that has reached Badalona for the first time. It was thanks,