With intent to offend

“It is part of a good education to know when it is necessary to be rude.” Joan Fuster says so in her recently reissued book of Advice, proverbs and insolence. Aphorisms, at least the good ones, are not more or less funny occurrences like a tweet. They are, according to Jordi Muñoz in the prologue

A few weeks ago, Restarting Badalona was absolutely in favor of the City Council presenting its candidacy to be able to organize and host the Copa del Rey basketball tournament. So much so that we are even organizing an event to explain to the city the benefits of hosting major events, why it is important


In English, the word bullshit is used to refer to lies and all kinds of statements and arguments that we consider uncertain. It is a dirty word, a word, but widely used. In Catalan we could translate it directly as “shit”, but it does not have the direct connotation of messages with the intention of

Restarting Badalona participa por segundo año en la Mobile Week Catalunya impulsando junto con el Ayuntamiento la organización de la charla “Badalona Smart City, ¿utopía o distopía?”, y que ha tenido lugar hoy en el Badalona Centro Internacional de Negocios (BCIN). Restarting Badalona participa por segundo año en la Mobile Week Catalunya impulsando junto con

Mobile Week Badalona 2022

Restarting Badalona participates for the 2nd year in the Mobile Week Catalunya with a talk at the Badalona International Business Center (BCIN) on Smart Cities Next Wednesday, April 27, one of the events that are part of Mobile Week Catalunya will take place in Badalona, and which is being hosted by our city for the

En un dia tan assenyalat Restarting vol compartir prop d’una cinquantena de titols que parlen sobre innovació. Entre les propostes trobareu novetats i títols imprescindibles publicats els darrers anys. Bona lectura!!!

Badalona in ‘ON’ mode

In Badalona things can happen. The City Council has decided to sell a building –“El Peix”– that has no use to see if it can obtain 1.7 M€ and a private person can do something that the city may need. On the one hand, the news is positive. They have made a decision and have

On the first day of class, at half past three on the first school Thursday in September, I always began my presentation of the subject by asking the students to write me what for them was a definition of a city… You can imagine everything that came out of those reflections. The evidence of the

Govern, decide and rectify

You can only act by thinking and you can only think by acting. This phrase from a book by Marina Garcés, right on the first pages, left my brain stuck for a long time. Thought and action transform and push each other, the Marina then clarifies. This is called “putting on the body”, as a

Boomer’s Reflection

They close the bank office in my neighborhood. The neighbors protested the other day. I’m afraid your protest will come to nothing. The democratic complaint no longer moves within those parameters. A viral tweet or a TikTok has more possibilities than four posters hanging on the walls of the neighborhood and a “physical” and civic